Chapter 1: What Is Aesthetics?

1.1 Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, Pablo Picasso, 1907, oil on canvas.

1.2 Number 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist), Jackson Pollock, 1950, oil, enamel, and aluminum on canvas.

1.3 Elegy to the Spanish Republic No. 110, Robert Motherwell, 1971, acrylic with graphite and charcoal on canvas.

1.4 Self-portrait, Rembrandt van Rijn, 1659, oil on canvas.

1.5 La Trahison des images (Ceci n’est pas une pipe), René Magritte, 1928–29,
oil on canvas.

1.6 Dragon -I- “Ryu,” Eiko Ishida, 2022, digital.

1.7 The Fighting Temeraire, J.M.W. Turner, 1839, oil on canvas.

1.8 Fountain, Marcel Duchamp, 1917, ceramic, glaze, and paint.

1.9 Erased de Kooning Drawing, Robert Rauschenberg, 1953, traces of drawing
on paper.

1.10 Extrait “Requiem Dies Irae,” Hector Berlioz, 1837, performance.