Plain Aesthetics

Welcome to the companion website for David Fenner’s Plain Aesthetics: A Common-Sense Approach to Philosophical Aesthetics.

This site provides access to the images, videos, and other art resources discussed in Plain Aesthetics. If you don’t yet have a copy of the book, you can purchase one either digitally or in print from the Broadview Press website.

To access the material for individual chapters, please select from the links below or above.

  • Chapter 1: What is Aesthetics?
  • Chapter 2: What is an Aesthetic Property?
  • Chapter 3: What is an Aesthetic Object?
  • Chapter 4: What is an Aesthetic Experience?
  • Chapter 5: What Roles do Perspective and Culture Play?
  • Chapter 6: What Makes One Aesthetic Object or Experience Better than Another?
  • Chapter 7: How Do I Know What a Work of Art Means?
  • Chapter 8: What is the Relationship Between Aesthetics and Ethics?