Supplemental Video Resources

Mark Dybul, et al., (14 May 2020) “Pandemic Means the Whole World: COVID-19 and Global Bioethics,” Kennedy Institute of Ethics. Moderated by: Daniel P. Sulmasy [webinar]
This webinar emphasizes the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted parts of the world outside of the “Global North.”

The Global Health Network, “Epidemic Ethics”
This series of hour-long seminar videos addresses many of the same topics as The Ethics of Pandemics: the use of digital technologies, human challenge studies, immunity passports, and more.

The Hastings Center, “Re-opening the Nation, a Series of Hastings Conversations”
This series of hour-long seminar videos discuss topics related to reopening such as surveillance, immunity testing, and the values that should guide re-opening decisions.

York University “Philosophy in a Time of Coronavirus”
This series includes discussions of the ethics of contact tracing apps, economic inequalities and COVID-19, trust and COVID-19, lockdowns and liberty, and grief and pandemics.