How It Works

Broadview Companion Websites


Welcome to the home of Broadview’s companion websites. You can use this portal to discover and access websites that accompany Broadview books, or to discover and access sites like How Poems Work and Critical Thinking Online, which can be used on their own or in conjunction with a variety of Broadview titles. Many of the sites hosted on this platform offer a variety of readings, lessons, interactive quizzes and learning tools, video tutorials, PowerPoint slides, interactive glossaries, and additional resources.

How to Use This Platform

After you’ve discovered the site you’re looking for (either by searching for it or using our handy category tiles on the main page), you’ll need to log in to access that site’s materials. Depending on the site, this will mean one of three things:

Unrestricted Sites

Unrestricted sites do not require any sort of login and can be accessed immediately. When a site is unrestricted, it will appear on this platform with an “Access” button.

Password Protected Sites

Password protected sites require you to enter a valid access code before viewing a site’s content. If you purchased a new copy of a Broadview book that includes an accompanying website, you will have received a card containing a valid access code. If you purchased a used copy of a Broadview book, you can purchase an access code on the Broadview website. When a site is password protected, it will appear on this platform with an “Enter Code” button.

Sites Requiring Registration

Several Broadview companion websites require you to register by purchasing access. If you obtained a coupon code (for free or discounted access) with a new Broadview book, please enter that code when prompted during the purchase process. Once you have purchased access to a site, you can login in perpetuity using the same registration credentials you used to make the original purchase. These sites allow you to track your progress through interactive quizzes and save your work between sessions. When a site requires registration, it will appear on this platform with a “Sign In” button.

If you have trouble accessing any Broadview Companion Websites, please contact Customer Service (