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Business Ethics: An Interactive Introduction

The student resource website contains a variety of interactive study materials, including case study questions.

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Business Ethics: An Interactive Introduction Instructor Resource Site

The instructor site for Business Ethics contains the interactive components to be used in conjunction with the print book.

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Environmental Ethics

The Environmental Ethics student site contains interactive self-test questions corresponding to chapters in the book.

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Environmental Ethics Instructor Resource Site

The Environmental Ethics instructor site contains various resources, including question sets and PowerPoint presentations.

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Essentials of Symbolic Logic – Third Edition Instructor Resource Site

This is the instructor site for Essentials of Symbolic Logic.

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Ethical Issues in Business – Second Edition Instructor Site

This site includes supplemental slides that correspond with the parts and chapters of the book.

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Ethical Reasoning: Theory and Application Resource Site

This site offers additional quiz and review questions, available in a variety of formats.

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First Philosophy

This student companion site has additional readings, interactive self-test quizzes, materials on writing about philosophy, and sample essays.

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First Philosophy Instructor Resource Site

The instructor resource site for First Philosophy contains additional questions and instructor's notes.

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Formal Logic

The Formal Logic student site hosts a logic proof checker and a series of video tutorials.

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Happy Lives, Good Lives & Theories of Happiness

This site contains chapter reading questions for Happy Lives, Good Lives, as well as helpful videos and links to external resources for both books.

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Is That a Fact? – Second Edition Instructor Resource Site

This instructor site contains supplementary resources, including quizzes in interactive, Word, and Common Cartridge format.

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