The Broadview Anthology of Short Fiction

Welcome to the Broadview Press student site for The Broadview Anthology of Short Fiction – Second Edition. This site contains additional stories, available for download and printing. We hope you find this material useful.

About the Anthology:

This anthology of thirty-nine stories (from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries) illustrates diverse narrative styles and techniques as well as a broad spectrum of human experiences. The collection comprises useful classroom examples, recognized classics of the genre, and some very interesting, less often anthologized works. Stories are organized chronologically, are lightly annotated, and are prefaced by engaging short introductions.

The second edition has been updated to include more recent stories, a greater selection of international authors and works in translation, and an illustrated story (Shaun Tan’s “Grandpa’s Story”). In the cases of several luminaries of the genre, including Alice Munro, multiple stories by the same author are included.

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