The Broadview Introduction to Philosophy

What Does This Site Offer?

The Broadview Introduction to Philosophy student companion site includes

  • Self-Test Questions for each of the book’s readings, offered in an interactive format for immediate feedback.
  • A unique Argumentative Essay Builder, through which one can generate a complete essay outline by responding to a series of prompts.
  • Information on the conventions of writing in philosophy, including a list of fallacies, an annotated sample essay, and a guide to citation.
  • A collection of philosophical puzzles and paradoxes.
  • Suggestions for further reading, as well as two additional texts introduced and annotated by Andrew Bailey.
  • Web links

How Do I Access This Site?

If you purchased a new copy of The Broadview Introduction to Philosophy book you will have received a card containing a valid access code. If you purchased a used copy, you can purchase an access code here.

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