Broadview Online: How Poems Work

What Does This Site Offer?

  • Several introductions to the genre of poetry
  • An extensive set of interactive exercises designed to help readers understand the workings of poetic meter
  • A sound archive providing samples of poems from other eras spoken as they would have been in the English of their time
  • A glossary of literary terms
  • Case studies of individual poems
  • A selection of new commentaries by contemporary poets on how poems work

How Do I Access This Site?

In order to log in to this site, you will need to purchase access using the button below. If you obtained a coupon code with the purchase of a new Broadview book, please enter that code when prompted. Once you have purchased access to the site, you can login using the same credentials you used to make the purchase. Please note that coupon codes can only be used once. If you are having trouble logging in, please contact

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