Broadview Online: Bioethics in Context

What Does This Site Offer?

This website provides useful material for students and practitioners of bioethics. This online resource can be used on its own, or in conjunction with a bioethics textbook.

The website includes:

  • A comprehensive collection of over 200 legal cases, organized in accordance with the book’s chapters and topics; these cases will be especially useful to those who wish to examine a specific topic in greater detail for the purposes of a paper or other research project.
  • Selected and edited bioethics state codes for each of the 50 states
  • An “Ethics Digest” containing encyclopedic entries on additional topics in ethical theory and bioethics, such as prima facie duties and social contract theory.
  • A collection of interactive case studies in which the reader analyzes realistic scenarios through a series of multiple choice questions.

How Do I Access This Site?

Access to this website is included free with every new copy of Bioethics in Context. If you purchased a used copy, or if you would like to use this site independent of the book, you can purchase an access code here.

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